Dont be confuse I am moving to the old hostel which is  new to me. First of all i could not  afford an individual flat in the  apartment (neither any of the engineer do so you can not buy a descent home until your  wife told you so….because  it is funniest idea to buy a […]

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Story of a normal guy…

I am not stable these days(mentally) . Reason is my break-up with the girl I loved ;but don’t worry I am not the kind of person that gonna affect my daily life. I am kind of funny type of person I take things very casually means talking on my recent  breakup the girl I loved the […]

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The angry girlfriend 

What can i say…. I mean many men can understand what I want to say just by looking at the title…my girlfriend is on fire since last call… And amzing thing is that I don’t even know why she is angry,  i dont know what is the problm with her she has a tendency to […]

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My sweetheart 

Hello folks iam back.. Recently iam facing a problem called exam. Now its over fortunately…… But everything is not going as I imagined. I am in relationship with a cute fat girl….. No no she’s not a problem for me the real problm is that she is unhappy with my behavior I mean seriously…… I […]

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Trolled life…

The life… I mean seriously I am talking about life. Is everything okay with me?? Or I need to consult to a physician about it… Till yesterday i used to be a fun loving guy who don’t know what gonna happen with him, didn’t care about what happened in the world.  I was just enjoying […]

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The motivation business. 

What is going on with you guys??  It seems you all became crazy behind the thing called ‘motivation ‘. I mean one random guy from nowhere came in your life and trying to give you wings as redbull do;but the real fact is that effect of redbull last longer.  Few months ago I was quite […]

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The First Blog …

           Finally I am here to make myself clear cause the general public is not gonna understand the feeling of a harassed engineering student. wait…. its not the proper way to interact with my readers(if there is any one reading this.) and what the heck I am starting my blog with such […]

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